Supplier Assessment and Verification

Idahoan Foods maintains a Supply Management Process where all approved suppliers are audited on a scheduled basis. There is a thorough review and ongoing audit process for new suppliers as well as existing ones. This process is the same for direct supplies and contract manufacturing partners. We can and do perform unannounced audits to address compliance and quality issues, but these audits do not specifically address issues with employment compliance.

Idahoan Foods strives to source ingredients and/or contract packaging services from the highest quality domestic suppliers.

Idahoan Foods Terms and Conditions of Purchase, Contract Manufacturing Agreements and purchasing policies all require all suppliers to be in compliance with local, state, federal, international laws, rules and regulations, including those concerning fair employment and the fair treatment of their workforce, which prohibits them from participating in, encouraging, aiding and fostering forced labor or human trafficking in any manner.

Director, Corporate Procurement

Human Trafficking and Forced Labor

Idahoan strongly opposes forced labor and human trafficking, and would never knowingly conduct business with contractors or employees engaged in such practices.

As a responsible employer, Idahoan follows all federal, state and local labor laws in the communities where we operate.

Director, Human Resources

See the Idahoan Foods Terms and Conditions of Purchase.